Carlijn Dobbe on the Young Professional Programme

Carlijn Dobbe on the Young Professional Programme
Carlijn Dobbe on the Young Professional Programme


Carlijn Dobbe: ‘Two years ago I started with Hospitality Group’s Young Professional programme: a development path for high-performers with potential, passion and a drive to excel. We challenge each other, brim over with new ideas and like to organise things in a smarter way. We do this at various clients and every two weeks we meet for an interactive programme, where we work on our competencies and specialist knowledge.

Across the country

Each session takes place at a different location. This allows us to travel all over the country and gives us the opportunity to take an inside look at various companies and expand our network. On our company visits we always try to speak to the facility manager and we are often given a tour of the building. In the past two years we have been guests at Heineken, Villa Pardoes,, Zaans Medisch Centrum, Circl, PWC, WeWork, Evangelische Omroep (EO), LAB.073 and Alliander. In return, we offer our expertise, look at facility issues from a different perspective, make mystery visits and write great blogs about the organisation. Click here for more information about the Young Professional programme.

I find meeting at a different place every two weeks and discussing a different subject every time a great element of the traineeship. The sessions are theoretical, practical and interactive in various forms. For example, we have deep dive sessions, we deal with substantive cases, we have visiting professional know-it-alls who we can ask anything (lecture tour), and we organise intervision sessions.

Buddies and mentoring

Young Professionals can join us at any time of the year. This makes the team extremely dynamic. We are also a self-organising team. This requires good working arrangements, a clear division of roles and a safe environment. I’m proud that we always manage to maintain this and pass it on to new trainees. To warrant this, everyone has their own buddy who helps you on your way, both within and outside of Hospitality Group.

In addition, two mentors (internal and external) are assigned to you, who help you to find your strength and answer questions where necessary. My internal mentor was Heleen Ruys (Training & Development Partner), and my external mentor was Karin Mars (Workplace and Facilities Director at Vodafone/Ziggo). They taught me so many things; I learned to look at a group differently, to ask critical questions and, above all, to stand up for myself.


I find it hard to say what I learned the most from or what I liked best over the past two years, because everything was – to a greater or lesser extent – instructive and fun! It’s a great path to follow. Everything you’ve learned lands in your toolbox, so that you can use it during your entire career. From LEAN to leadership skills and from RealDrives to expert knowledge.

Besides this, there is just a very good team atmosphere, where we help one another and strive for perfection together. This allowed me to always open up, feel at home and rely on my colleagues, and really get the best from myself. What you put into the training days is what you get out of it. The traineeship at Hospitality Group requires self-organisation and a drive to make the most of every opportunity. If you have an occasional off-day, then there is plenty of room and respect for that, too.

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