George Maas

Sourcing, organisation & performance

George is a partner at Hospitality Group and has been active as a facility management consultant for 20 years. Before this he worked as a partner at Twynstra Gudde. He is active in many FM networks, a very popular speaker and he publishes regularly.

His latest book ‘Facility Management, over organiseren en maatwerk binnen een veranderende context’ (FM, organising and tailor-made work in a changing context) reflects his view on the profession. In a changing world he stresses how important is that facility organizations change too. George’s specific expertise is strategic sourcing. He has the answer to such questions as whether to outsource or insource, how (facility) organizations should structure their supply chain, how to design the collaboration with external service providers and how to set up the optimal management organization.

In the past years he executed assignments for many national and international organizations active in industry, healthcare and government.  Characteristic for his approach is to balance the contribution of technical expertise with due attention to the change process. After all, organizations don’t change, people do.