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Interim & Recruitment

A great team is incredibly important for successful service provision. Hospitality Group can help you strengthen your team with hospitality, facility management, procurement and accommodation professionals. Our solutions range from interim management and secondment to executive searches. All at higher professional or university degree level. With our nose for talent, access to relevant networks and attractive navigation tools we will find you the best candidate every time. Speed, quality and passion are characteristics of our approach.

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Service and Workplace design

Hospitality Group helps in creating the ideal environment for working, learning, leisure and/or care. A balanced environment, which testifies of conscious design choices, is honed for interaction, and continues to surprise. Every day we work with clients to realise modern and cost-efficient accommodation and community facilities. Ranging from workplace concepts, service design and campus facilities to accommodation policies and sports facilities. Go to Expertise 

Sourcing, organisation & performance

When change is the only constant, versatile organizations are a must. Hospitality Group helps you to organise and optimise your services to enable you to manoeuvre, control and anticipate. From outlining the sourcing strategy, guiding and executing procurement processes, advising on the setup of your supply and demand organization, to monitoring the performance of your internal and external service providers.