Interim management

Interim management

Temporarily hiring an interim manager can help you excel in a number of situations. These situations range from an intervention, transition, setting up quarters and capacity increase, to bridging absence through illness or otherwise. Interim management requires focus, a good understanding of the strategic and tactical goals of the client organisation, a good political antenna, clear goals, a convincing action plan and excellent leadership.

Our interim managers are the enterprising leaders that can help you get ahead. They have gained extensive experience in attractive projects at leading clients. They are result-driven, strong communicators, and reliable in process management. They don´t lose sight of their surroundings, take people along in the process and always keep moving forward.

Most of our interim managers are employees of Hospitality Group. Besides the interim managers in our employment, we work with a carefully selected network of self-employed interim managers. They all benefit from process-related backups and access to expertise of colleagues at Hospitality Group, and they are all capable of giving a practical implementation to any advice that we provide.

Our consultants look forward to making an appointment with you to explore a potential assignment. After a thorough intake we would be happy to present the best interim managers for the assignment.

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