Hospitality training

Hospitality training

Hospitality offers you opportunities for working smarter, with more awareness and a sharper focus on customers. This will make your organization more attractive. But how do make sure that hospitality really pervades the DNA of your organization?

A focus on guests is not a solution on paper or an acquired trick, but a mindset that starts with you. Hospitality requires a certain behaviour, in the sense that you are aware of your surroundings, listen to what others need, and care for the services/products you deliver.

During the training we make participants aware of the possibilities of hospitality, and of the impression you make as a person and as a team. With examples, exercises and role playing we teach staff members how they can create a positive experience.  To make learning fun, we use different working methods and resources, such as our Hospitality Inspiration Game and the Guest Journey.

For many organizations we provide custom-made hospitality training courses. We ensure that hospitality carries the meaning that suits the values and principles of your organization.  We start out by developing a vision together. This vision is translated into an expressive storyline, a training programme for managers and staff, and an attractive consolidation programme for the longer term.

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