Management courses

Management courses

For professionals in facility management and accommodation we organise different courses on specific themes. The courses consist of a number of interesting deep dive sessions and a study trip. The courses help you to work both on your intellectual baggage and your personal development. In this way you obtain the latest insights from thought leaders, professors and practitioners.

Theory, personal development and networking…to me this training course is more than an education!Carolien van Leeuwen, Hard and Soft Services Manager at PostNL (FM Course 2015)

The courses are also a great opportunity to broaden your network and exchange ideas with peers. By sharing knowledge, exploring challenges and providing feedback, we create an unrivalled learning environment.

The learning cycle of the courses

The courses are very effective because we bring participants into a learning cycle. The learning cycle is based on the theory of Kolb.

Focus – The courses concentrate on specific themes.

Learn – The courses offer a variety of learning methods: lectures, cases, best practices, debates, discussions, et cetera.

Apply – Everything you learn and see is applicable in your own surroundings

Reflect – The programmes reserve time for reflection on what you have learned and seen.

Experience – Especially during the study trip, you will experience the impact in practice and the drive to take action in your own organization.

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