The added value of service design

The added value of service design
The added value of service design


Focus on users

If you really want to benefit from a new work environment, it is advisable to rethink and reorganise the facilities and services around it. Of course this should be done as much as possible from a user’s perspective.  Service design makes this possible.

Community floor

There is a new trend discernable, especially in the redevelopment of buildings and in introduction programmes for activity-based working. The central facilities are increasingly being concentrated, but they are also used as the carrier of the organization’s or building’s culture and identity. Rather than offering facilities in different places throughout the building, more organizations are opting for a community floor, where all facilties for meeting, inspiration and interaction come together.

Service design

Service Design is a relatively new discipline aimed at designing new services. An important aspect is the focus on optimizing the experience and interaction. Thinking in terms of Service Design offers facility management a new perspective. Together with IT and HRM the facility services for the organization and staff can be organised in a new way. An integrated design of services is becoming the new standard in this context.

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