Collaborating very important for Facility Management

Collaborating very important for Facility Management
Collaborating very important for Facility Management


In the second half of 2014 around 30 directors of the largest facilities organizations in the Netherlands came together several times to explore the theme collaboration between organizations. In four deep-dive sessions in the Netherlands and during a study trip to London the theme was discussed with professors and other experts, various cases were presented, best practices were visited and there was room for exchanging personal experiences.

The theme was operationalized by three areas of collaboration, which facility management is increasingly dealing with: collaboration with external service providers, collaboration with other support services and collaboration with the business. This article discusses some findings from the programme.


In the past decades facility management has faced enormous changes. Thanks to technology, people can work everywhere and it is no longer necessary to come to the office. Students can follow lectures everywhere and in the medical world part of the diagnostics can be performed remotely. In short, the traditional field of activity for facility managers has changed. Therefore, the focus should no longer be on the workplace but on working, but our field is still insufficiently aware of this.

A second important change is the role of external service providers. The greater the outsourcing, the more dependent facility organizations become of their external service providers, and this dependency is growing. This requires a different paradigm for collaboration.

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