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Self-development most decisive for young professionals in choice of employer

Self-development most decisive for young professionals in choice of employer
Self-development most decisive for young professionals in choice of employer


The most important motives of young job seekers in their choice for an employer are self-development, meaningful work, contact with colleagues and financial reward. Hospitality Group conducted a survey on attractive employment among final-year students and young professionals with at least 2 years of work experience, who followed a variety of bachelor and master degree programmes in the Netherlands.

Attractive employment

For young professionals, attractive employment constitutes all the fringe benefits that an employer offers to be interesting to its (potential) employees. Of these perks, opportunities for self-development are rated highest by young professionals. Meaningful work and contact with colleagues share second place. Financial reward is rated a little lower, but in-depth analyses show that this motivation is in fact a major factor in making employment attractive.

Types of young professionals

When we take a closer look at young professionals in facility management and hotel management, we see two distinct groups. Both groups list the same motivations as most important: self-development, meaningful work and financial reward. However, group A also finds contact with colleagues very important, whereas group B has variation in duties as additional preference. Young professionals with a facility management degree more often belong to group A, while we find more hotel management degree holders in group B.

Recruiting young professionals with a traineeship

Offering a traineeship or development programme is a good way of attracting young professionals. It would be sensible for organisations to offer first-class training courses to young professionals, enabling them to grow and excel further. Also important is to allow young professionals to work on large and/or important projects. This will give the young professional the feeling that he/she is doing meaningful work and is able to contribute to the organisation and its success. And finally, young professionals also find that their salary should be in balance with the work they do.

Attractive employment study

The young talents working at Hospitality Group together conducted the study ‘Attractive Employment’. They themselves take part in a development programme for young professionals within Hospitality Group, which combines work experience and knowledge development. The study was conducted in Q3 of 2015 among 295 respondents from all sorts of study programmes at bachelor and master level in the Netherlands. The detailed study results can be found in the following article, ‘How to seduce the young professional’, which was published in Facto Magazine.

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Article: How to seduce the young professional

In our professional field, the battle for young talent has begun. With the labour market blossoming, the best and most talented boys and girls in class are in great demand. As a result, an increasing number of organisations are focusing on being an attractive employer, centering on the question: ‘What drives young professionals and what do they find important when choosing an employer? Is it a company car or a challenging traineeship that tips the balance in the end?

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