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Young professionals & Villa Pardoes

Young professionals & Villa Pardoes
Young professionals & Villa Pardoes

In May of this year Villa Pardoes and Hospitality Group started a long-term partnership around the theme of hospitality. Hospitality Group started with the development and roll-out of a training programme for more than 175 volunteers. In the period ahead the Young Professionals of Hospitality Group will examine if and in what way digitization can contribute to the hospitality concept at Villa Pardoes.

Villa Pardoes

Villa Pardoes is a holiday accommodation in Kaatsheuvel for families of which one of the children recently went through or is still going through a serious, often life-threatening illness. These families are invited for an all-in, free-of-charge week of holiday. This week primarily revolves around doing fun stuff, with everything being allowed and nothing obligatory. At Villa Pardoes more than 175 volunteers work hard every day for children who’d love to think of something else than their illness for a while.

The Young Professionals visited Villa Pardoes and were shown around by general director Peter Persoon. He asked them to issue a recommendation on the possibilities of digitization and digital tools, taking the wishes and needs of the guests as a starting point.

Digitization and hospitality

Villa Pardoes has noticed that the wishes of its target group are quickly changing. It wants to be more responsive to these wishes before, during and after the stay. For instance, practice has shown that both children and parents would like to remain in contact with the people they meet at the Villa. The children want to stay in touch with their new holiday friends and parents also want to stay in contact to share their experiences and ask each other for advice. One of the unique initiatives in this context is the reconstruction of the Villa in the online game ‘Minecraft’.
Apart from the guests, digitization may also offer significant benefits for the volunteers at Villa Pardoes. Using different digital applications and devices, they can make the guests’ stay at the Villa more comfortable and fun, and they have more time for their guests.

Villa Pardoes wants to continue to comply with the wishes of its guests and is convinced that by correctly applying digitization it can enrich the hospitality concept. That’s why this summer the Young Professionals tried to find an answer to the following question: ‘How can digitization contribute to a future-proof hospitality concept for Villa Pardoes?’.

Curious about the results? Keep an eye on our website!

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