Building and accommodation projects Rijndam Rehabilitation

Building and accommodation projects Rijndam Rehabilitation

Rijndam Rehabilitation will take its renewed Westersingel location into use in 2020. The site includes 120 clinical beds, the outpatients’ clinics, day-patient treatment and sports & games. The office-bound organisation has already moved to the renovated Maasdam building.

Innovative and hospitable

The existing Westersingel location will be completely renovated and altered, with two newly-built floors and a new entrance area. The rehabilitation centre will have a floor area of 23,000 m2. The primary aim of the development is to create an optimal recovery process for patients. For this purpose the building will be process-oriented in combination with hospitality, technological innovations and a healing environment. Family is an important link in the recovery process, as well as personal control for the patient.

Occupation and continuity

As of March 2017 Hospitality Group is supporting Rijndam Rehabilitation with the following activities and projects:

Hospitality Group is facilitating our ambition to create an innovative and hospitable rehabilitation centre, by supporting us with specific knowledge and expertise at the interface of building, ICT, FM and care processes. Dick van der Meyden – Construction Manager

  • Building management for drafting the Definitive Design and Definitive Design+ for the Westersingel location (23,000 m2)
  • Check of ICT architecture to develop preliminary design into definitive design
  • Functional and technical analysis during temporary accommodation (20,000 m2)
  • Construction management for the renovation of the municipally listed Maasdam building (2,500 m2), including implementation of a new activity-based working environment
  • Overall programme management ‘Rijndam route 2020’. This programme bundles a great number of (sub)projects that are necessary to take the new location successfully into use. They concern care, FM, ICT and HR processes, furnishing and relocation.
  • The aim is to deliver safe patient care from the moment the temporary and renovated/newly-built location is taken into use, warranting the continuity of care.
Photography : Mecanoo Architecten

Project data

Rijndam Rehabilitation
Project type
Building management, ICT, FM, Housing
Project size
26.000 m2

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