More comfort in the restaurant of a government agency

More comfort in the restaurant of a government agency

The Government Real Estate Agency asked Hospitality Group to develop a concept for a new company restaurant.

The government agency comprises support and executive departments and has a training institute. Currently the training institute is still housed elsewhere, but will soon move to the premises where the support and executive departments are already situated. To increase the floor area available for the training institute, the two existing staff restaurants have been merged into a single restaurant. The diversity of departments also means that there is a wide variety of types of lunch users. As a result, the new restaurant had to become a melting pot for all divisions within the organisation.

Based on interviews and a persona survey, Hospitality Group developed the concept and wrote the Programme of Requirements. With these results in hand Hospitality Group also took care of the functional design. During the implementation phase Hospitality Group supervised the contracting, construction and commissioning. Merdy Derksen, architect at the Government Real Estate Agency, designed the restaurant interior based on the concept.

In addition to an extensive service counter, the restaurant has a full espresso bar with a barista and a seating area with a wide variety of seating styles, making it not only a place to have lunch, but also a place to work or have a chat. The use of colour and materials in both the seating and service areas makes the restaurant a modern and contemporary environment, where considerable attention has also been given to colours and materials that contribute positively to the well-being of guests. An example of this is the moss ceiling in part of the seating area. Another thoughtful consideration are the self-service cash registers, which allow for to-go purchases. With its 150 people capacity and the availability of audiovisual equipment and screens throughout the room, the seating area can also be used for presentations or events.

Photography : Femke van den Heuvel

Project data

Government Real Estate Agency
Project type
Concept development and functional design
Project size
100 m²
July 2017 – June 2019

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