Consolidating hospitality at municipality of Utrecht

Consolidating hospitality at municipality of Utrecht
Consolidating hospitality at municipality of Utrecht


After successfully following the ‘Pure Hospitality’ training sessions, the facility team of the municipality of Utrecht went to work on the consolidation process. Consolidation means ensuring that the staff members remain aware of the main theme, that they encourage each other and that managers have the tools to define desired behaviour. For twelve months, Hospitality Group assisted the facility team putting the lessons learned into practice. Together with the core team we worked on specific themes and actions following on mystery visits and coaching on the job.

Concrete results

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. A great promotional action organised by the staff was handing out bicycle lights to mark the opening of our new bike shed. This literally improved our visibility for the customer.

Sacha Béatse, Supplier Management Trainee

And this is only the beginning! Departments now pay attention to the values on a daily basis and organise and follow inspiration sessions at other companies. In a pilot project the core values were included as award criteria in invitations to tender for suppliers. In this way the hospitality vision of the municipality of Utrecht is spreading continuously, both throughout and outside the organisation.

With the last training sessions coming up, the future focus is on embedding the knowledge and activities in the organisational culture. In early 2017 a group of new ambassadors joined the core team, increasing people’s involvement and making the programme more sustainable.


Initially I thought that this would be ‘just another training’, but the contrary proves to be true, and two years on we are still working with it. Starting out as a project, ‘Pure Hospitality’ has grown into ‘how we work in practice’. It is now firmly embedded in the organisation.

Thomas Blom, Senior Consultant

Project data

Municipality of Utrecht
June 2015 – May 2017

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