Developing hospitality at Groenhuysen Foundation

Developing hospitality at Groenhuysen Foundation

The Groenhuysen Foundation offers care and services for elderly people at 26 locations and wants to distinguish itself more through its care and service provision. Hospitality Group developed the programme ‘Working with inspiration’.

Hospitality Group worked together with the Groenhuysen Foundation on a vision of working with inspiration and a practical training programme for both facility and care personnel. The integrated approach and the involvement of all employees at an early stage were unique and innovating. The programme included work sessions with managers, inspiration sessions with ambassadors, training sessions for all employees, six theme weeks with workplace coaching and a toolkit.

Interaction with residents

In various workshops the employees went through the customer journey, which focused on the question ‘How do we want our clients and other guests to experience a stay with us?’. This method very quickly raised employees’ awareness of the possibilities of hospitality and provided them with shared values, which they applied in practice. “A better coordination between for instance care and facilities immediately became apparent.” With a concise plan of action, each team could start implementing and embedding the lessons learned. The room given to employees for their own interpretations contributed to a number of great initiatives for residents. “The programme helped to significantly increase our hospitality. We now better understand what hospitality is about, resulting in real interaction with residents.”

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