Developing a workplace concept for ABN AMRO headquarters

Developing a workplace concept for ABN AMRO headquarters

Yello is the new workplace concept for ABN AMRO’s head offices. Hospitality Group developed and implemented this new demand-driven workplace concept together with ABN AMRO. Yello promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation, and makes the working life of employees more fun and easier. Yello also promotes a more balanced use of the buildings.  With the completion of the first Yello floors the first user experiences were also recorded. In the six months after implementation, employees’ overall satisfaction with their work environment increased from 7 to 8.6 on average.

Integrality and choice

When developing the concept Hospitality Group went looking for an integrated approach in which services, IT and attitude & behaviour were all interwoven in the way of thinking.Yello Program manager Niina Pussinen

Yellow is a combination of physical furnishing elements, IT resources, and modern services, resulting in a different organisation of the work environment and the way of working.  The concept promotes collaboration between different organisational units while at the same time offering room for the aims and identity of a department and freedom of choice for the individual employee. In addition, Yello supports various themes, such as vitality, sustainability and well-being, and in particular working in different groups, such as multidisciplinary project teams or scrum teams.

Open and transparent

Yello literally makes the environment more open and transparent. Less walls and rooms and lighter colours enhance a spatial experience. Thanks to clear zoning and logical routing, employees easily find a suitable workplace for any activity.

Guidance and involvement

Hospitality Group handled the overall project management, developed a blueprint as a touchstone for the entire concept, designed a style book for all physical, virtual and technical components and a toolkit for the internal project teams who are working on the further rollout. A development programme keeps management and staff involved from the first question down to the implementation. Over the next years Yello will be rolled out in ABN AMRO’s head offices.

Yello provides ABN AMRO with a flexible work concept, in which HR, IT and facility services contribute directly to a work environment where the user can excel. Yello helps us towards our objective of better collaboration between departments and our objective of being a Top Class Employer. Together with Hospitality Group we developed the Yello concept into what it is today.Product Manager Steije Tadema

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