FM service levels at KLM

FM service levels at KLM
FM service levels at KLM



KLM has outsourced its facility services to Sodexo and the collaboration has been redefined in a third-generation IFM contract. Sodexo provides more than 40 facility services (hard and soft services) in some 90 buildings, ranging from offices to hangars. The scope varies from common FM services such as cleaning, maintenance, catering services and reception services, to very specific KLM services such as work clothing for KLM employees and the menus for passengers.

For their new contract KLM and Sodexo wanted a critical tightening and updating of the service levels. The focus was on completeness, uniformity and applicability of specifications and agreements. Additionally there was the wish to switch to more output-oriented agreements and to establish future-proof KPIs and reporting.

After intensive cooperation between KLM, Sodexo and Hospitality Group, the service levels were adjusted in terms of content, so that they are better geared to the needs within KLM and the developments in the market. To this end, Hospitality Group took its own best practices as a basis and sought compliance with (inter)national standards and laws and regulations. The result is that all facility services in scope have been redefined in service levels and accompanying documents. As such, the documents form the basis for the further optimization of the collaboration between KLM and Sodexo.

Project data

Project size
27 services
July 2017- July 2018

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