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Hospitality at Deltares

Hospitality at Deltares
Hospitality at Deltares

The facility organisation of Deltares is continuously improving itself. For instance, the quality of the services was measured with the aid of the hospitality benchmark. Over a six-month period a hospitality vision was developed and implemented with great pleasure. We started with a joint kickoff meeting and an exciting talkshow with employees from all layers of the organisation. During a cycling trip through Rotterdam the core team was inspired by multiple concepts for workplaces, hotels and restaurants. All input was included in the development of the hospitality vision. The result: a booklet with a supported vision, and a translation into concrete behaviour!

What a positive attitude and energy you have, and what a great impression you make! Appealing examples triggered us to look further and raise the bar. You really increased our awareness. We are working pro-actively now, which leads to a win-win situation.
Martin van Schie, FAM Visualisation and Information Management

The following months revolved around training the approximately 70 employees and assisting the core team. We trained the employees on mindset, collaboration, the guest journey and continuous improvement. The managers were given tools to coach their employees, asked each other for help, and challenged each other to make a real difference in the area of hospitality! And they succeeded in this.

The coming year we’ll support the teams to maintain a continued focus on hospitality. We do this together with the core team, by giving attention to consolidation tools for managers, a feed-forward training and coaching on the job. We will study the new knowledge more in-depth – how do translate it to the HR cycle, how do you win suppliers over, and how do you involve the rest of the organisation?

Nice to get to know you in a different way, besides the audits. It has been enriching for Deltares and for me personally. It was good to go one-on-one with the team leaders in the core team. We are more interconnected now. In addition, it was very positive to contribute as an external party.
Maarten Oldenhuis, SAB Catering

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August 2016 – January 2017

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