IFM outsourcing at Heineken

IFM outsourcing at Heineken
IFM outsourcing at Heineken


In 2013 Hospitality Group developed business cases and sourcing strategies for 13 European markets of Heineken. Based on the results of the European survey, Heineken Netherlands asked us in 2015 to further work out its sourcing strategy and support it in managing the change. For more than a year a joint team of staff from Heineken and Hospitality Group collaborated intensely, selecting an IFM provider, designing and fleshing out the new supply & demand management organisation, developing a performance management system, communicating with personnel, and managing the internal change process and the transition.

Characteristic for the Heineken project was the focus on the internal change process. In total almost 100 employees were involved in the outsourcing process. This required an extremely meticulous change, communication and decision-making process.

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2013 - 2016

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