Interim service & hospitality manager

Interim service & hospitality manager
Interim service & hospitality manager



The ROC (regional center for secondary vocational education) of Amsterdam and Flevoland is the largest in the Netherlands, comprising eight independent MBO Colleges and the school group Voortgezet Onderwijs van Amsterdam. Courses are offered for around 40,000 MBO and other secondary-level students. The ROC set up a competition-oriented dialogue for the facilities services, during which it became clear that its own organisation needed to be developed further.

Within the facilities triangle, consisting of the various MBO colleges, the facilities division, and ICT, a new function was developed aimed at improving quality and prioritizing the hospitality and safety perception at the different ROC sites. Hospitality Group was asked to fill this position temporarily.

Maurice van Doorn temporarily held the position of Service & Hospitality Manager, directing the implementation of the new integrated facility services. Maurice’s responsibilities included implementing and warranting the new facility service concepts, supervising the new facilities approach, and advocating the hospitality philosophy and getting the organisation on board for this.

As a facilities expert Maurice translated trends and developments in the field to be implemented in the operations. He also contributed to the exchange of knowledge and experience and strengthened collaboration.

Project data

ROC van Amsterdam
Project type
Interim management
Project size
30 locations in Groot-Amsterdam

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