Multi-service tenders for Vereniging Eigen Huis

Multi-service tenders for Vereniging Eigen Huis
Multi-service tenders for Vereniging Eigen Huis


Vereniging Eigen Huis (Association of Home-Owners) is a consumer’s organisation that helps more than 750,000 members when the interests of home-owners are or may become at risk. Vereniging Eigen Huis had a large number of facility suppliers and asked Hospitality Group to develop an appropriate sourcing model.

In close cooperation with Vereniging Eigen Huis, a multi-service supplier model was chosen for soft and hard services. Hospitality Group took on the project management and drew up sixteen service levels, the ambitions, and the performance model. The result-oriented service levels vary from cleaning services and waste management to electrical building maintenance. Subsequently, the tender documents were drawn up, a meticulous process was followed to arrive at a shortlist, and the tender documents were sent to the tenderers.

The result of the tenders are two agreements with HEYDAY Facility Management. Steije Tadema, Purchasing and Facility Affairs Manager of Vereniging Eigen Huis, said about the process: “Hospitality Group has supported and advised Vereniging Eigen Huis in this tender. It is partly thanks to Hospitality Group’s substantive knowledge of tendering processes and the facilities market, that it was possible to successfully invite market parties to tender and select the most suitable supplier.”

Project data

Vereniging Eigen Huis
Project type
Multi-service tender
July 2018 – November 2018

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