New F&B Corner for TMG faculty at Delft University of Technology

New F&B Corner for TMG faculty at Delft University of Technology

The TMG faculty at Delft University of Technology focuses on leading international research and education in the fields of Technology, Management and Governance. Delft University developed a vision for renewing the catering and retail facilities present on this campus. Hospitality Group was asked to transform the existing space from a traditional catering facility with line distribution to a contemporary F&B Corner with counter service. Hospitality Group drew up the Schedule of Requirements and created the design.

With the same number of square metres available, more seating was created with an enhanced experience. This was achieved, for example, by preparing the orders at the service buffet. The products are freshly prepared within sight of the guests. Another component is the use of (sustainably biodegradable) disposables, which reduces the size of the rinsing kitchen. These square metres were added to the seating area. The counter works with top-mounted equipment, making the counter layout flexible and easy to adjust to the product offer.

The seating area is divided into three zones, each with a different look and feel. For instance, one zone really gives you a living room feeling. The new F&B Corner is not only a place where students can enjoy or get lunch or coffee, but above all a pleasant place for meeting, consultation and working.

The end result is a popular F&B Corner that is used throughout the day. Starting with a good coffee in the morning during a consultation with fellow students, followed in the afternoon by a salad with a sandwich, and after the last lecture having a short chat and making plans. The F&B Corner really is the living room of the TMG faculty.

Project data

Delft University of Technology
Project type
Catering concept, campus facilities
Project size
185 m²
August 2018

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