A new look for

A new look for
A new look for

You may have already noticed when ordering a new game, perfume or air mattress; the website has a new look. The signature bright blue has been replaced by several colours and the design language creates a playful effect. Besides the new website, the ‘’ brand has a new identity and the offices and warehouses will also been given a new look and feel. At the fulfilment centre in Waalwijk the first steps have already been made. Julia Klapwijk of Hospitality Group fulfilled a supporting role as an interim facility specialist.

Inspiring working environment

Inside the warehouse, facility affairs such as security, safety and cleaning are of paramount importance. And perhaps even more important is the staff’s involvement with the warehouse. Every day at the fulfilment centre, some 2,000 people are working hard to get your parcel to your doorstep as quickly as possible. How do you ensure that 2,000 people with diverse nationalities and backgrounds all experience the feeling? An inspiring working environment is crucial for in this respect.


Over the past few months, Julia has been working with the design team on the new warehouse branding. This includes both interior and exterior signage, branding, and fun features, such as the wall of boxes as an addition to the current interior. Julia ensured that the designs were translated correctly to the target group in the warehouse. She also provided the planning and supervised the realization of this project.

In her facilitating role, Julia was part of the Warehouse Services team and, together with her colleagues, helped to create an ideal working environment to ensure that around 10 million customers receive their packages every day. In addition to this branding project, she was responsible for the implementation of Planon and for setting up warehouse-internal communication tools such as narrowcasting. She also helped to set up contract management for the existing and future warehouses of

Project data

August 2018 – September 2019

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