NN78. A new clubhouse for Hospitality Group

NN78. A new clubhouse for Hospitality Group

Since September, Hospitality Group has a new clubhouse at Nijverheidsweg-Noord 78. This also explains the name NN78. ? Our new place feels like an exciting adventure, a place to realise our dream of ‘Creating Better Places’ even better. We may say that it has turned out as a unique place full of inspiration, where we work with our clients on innovative and sustainable projects.

As we use the clubhouse every day with around 85 colleagues, there are also a lot of clients and other guests. A beautiful terrace brings you to our cafe, the heart of NN78. The perfect place for meeting, having lunch, receiving people, lounging, working and much more.

In the rest of the building you may choose any spot that is best suited to your current activities or mood. We use zones for different activities or different moods, varying from hustle and bustle to tranquility. This allows everyone to work how they want, and in a healthy way. There is, for example, a Ted theatre, a brainstorming room, an inspiration lab and a quiet room. With many plants throughout the building, all areas have a green feel.

And many pieces of furniture from our previous building have been given a second life, either by the new tenant or in NN78. Our old lockers and benches also ended up well in a museum in Brabant. In the work zones the walls are lined with recycled PET bottles for acoustic insulation and the sitting-stand desks are circular.

In addition to the working environment, we also try to make everyone’s working life even more fun and easy with various services. From very good coffee and a super healthy lunch to yoga classes and a community with local entrepreneurs.

And the best part is of course that we designed our clubhouse all by ourselves – NN78 Designed by us.

Would you like to know more or just drop by to have a look and enjoy a coffee? Please let us know. For now you can enjoy the pictures.

Hospitality Group. Creating Better Places.

Photography : Peter Brugmans

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Hospitality Group
September 2019

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