‘OUR’ way of working at ONS welzijn

‘OUR’ way of working at ONS welzijn

ONS welzijn (OUR well-being) is a welfare organisation with multiple sites in the region of North East Brabant, with the town of Oss in the centre. ONS welzijn believes in a society where everybody participates and where everybody contributes to their own and other people’s happiness. To implement this vision, a working method with integrated teams was chosen. Hospitality Group developed a new activity-related workplace concept, ‘ONS  manier van werken’ (OUR way of working), which supports and activates the integrated working method. Hospitality Group developed and fleshed out the concept and supervised its implementation.

In close collaboration with staff of ONS welzijn we created a work environment in the Anton Jurgens Home where staff members and clients take central place. The result is an open, transparent and attractive workplace, which is connected to its surroundings and offers people a space to meet each other. The area of activities of the Oss region is both tangible and visible.  For instance, the walls feature engaging quotes, and the windows and glass walls are decorated with photos of clients and the green surroundings of Oss. Local parties were involved in the implementation and new and used furniture is used in an attractive way. In addition, virtual components optimally facilitate the new way of working.

‘OUR’ way of working makes a significant contribution to being an attractive employer, but most of all it offers an easily accessible place where everybody feels at home.

Photography : Femke van den Heuvel

Project data

ONS welzijn
Project size
Approximately 1.200 m²
January 2018

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