Optimising supply & demand at APG

Optimising supply & demand at APG



In 2013 APG asked Hospitality Group to support the further optimization of its supply & demand organization. This included redefining the jobs and structure, drawing up job and competency profiles and determining the number of FTEs. The result was an even more efficient and effective FM and RE structure.

Back in 2009 Hospitality Group was involved in designing the new strategy and facilities organization that followed on the merger between APG and Cordares. Part of the new strategy was to further outsource operational services based on a positive business case. Hospitality Group assisted APG in outsourcing the catering services.

In 2011 we conducted an in-depth review of the level of implementation of the 2009 organisational blueprint. This provided the basis for resetting of the strategic course and setting the long-term programme up to 2015.