A professional facility services point at Altrecht

A professional facility services point at Altrecht
A professional facility services point at Altrecht


Altrecht is a specialist in mental healthcare. The Facility Service Point (FSP) provides facility support to the different care units and staff departments. The FSP ranges under the staff department Real Estate & Facilities. Within Altrecht the FSP is the primary contact point for all support services. With the aim of further professionalising this service point our Young Professional Bas is casting a fresh eye on the organisation.

Bas is looking critically at the processes within the FSP. What can be done faster and what can be improved? Prioritizing the properties in and around Utrecht is part of the improvement effort. In addition, a clear job definition and a service desk assistant of the desired level are important for the service point to operate professionally. Bas also fulfils an active role in the project group concerned with the implementation of Topdesk and he maintains in close contact with stakeholders in the organisation. In this way, Bas is taking all the steps required to make the FSP ready for a repositioning within the organisation.

The Facility Service Point is the link between the customer and supplier. Professionalising this link benefits the overall quality of Altrecht’s organisation. A purposeful and efficiently operating Faclity Service Point ensures an optimal work environment for the care units of Altrecht.

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