Interim management

Project & interim management at Servicepunt71

Project & interim management at Servicepunt71
Project & interim management at Servicepunt71


In preparation of a Shared Service Centre (Servicepunt 71) the municipality of Leiden asked Hospitality Group to arrange for the temporary deployment of project staff for several different facility projects.

The project support offered by Hospitality Group included drawing up a products and services catalogue, describing the work processes and organising the Virtual Service Desk for customers. After some months the contract scope is expanded to include daily management of the planning and control department and transfering the facility services from the municpality of Leiderdorp to Servicepunt71.


In this cross-departmental and cross-municipal project, trust was a crucial factor. “Putting such a large project together means investing in each other, trusting each other, and most of all listening to each other,” says Eus Flapper, head of the facilities service unit of Servicepunt71. “We always have a good match and click with the hard-working professionals of Hospitality Group, with whom we have been collaborating for years now. The candidates quickly get to know the ins and outs of the organization and have competencies that are extremely valuable in the dynamics of a project.”

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