Service Design bij LEF

Service design for LEF future center

Service design for LEF future center
Service design for LEF future center


LEF Future Center is part of the department of public works (Rijkswaterstaat). Every year it facilitates around 350 group sessions for the government. Central themes in these sessions are breaking out of old patterns of thought and creating new insights.

Each LEF session not only requires substantive preparation, but also strong facility support. The quality of this facility support determines to a great extent the level of hospitality experienced by visitors and enhances the customer value of the sessions. For this reason LEF asked Hospitality Group to chart the facility processes and advise on how to optimise the service design of the LEF Future Center.

Optimal service design & intuitive service provision

LEF Future Center is very committed to hospitality. Hospitality is delivered best by having a clear procedure in place with strong collaboration between staff members and facility service providers. The service must be intuitive and fit like a glove. In short: The service design must be geared optimally to visitors’ wishes and requirements.

Inefficiencies & quick wins

Since Hospitality Group began working with us, things are suddenly starting to move. Now we can facilitate with an even greater customer-focus.Robert Verheule – Learning & Development Consultant, Rijkswaterstaat

With an interactive approach, Hospitality and LEF together pinpoint the strategic tensions in the processes, define the process inefficiencies, and show where quick wins can be obtained. We do this with the aid of tools from the Lean methodology, but mostly by closely observing the processes and talking with staff and visitors. Furthermore Hospitality Group is examining how tensions and inefficiencies interrelate with the current contracts, for instance for catering and other facility services.

Customer value takes centre stage

We translate our findings into points for improvement at strategic, tactical and operational level. In addition we offer recommendations whether or not to enter into new contracts for certain services and we make a specific work plan. By eliminating inefficiencies we immediately see many new opportunities for creating customer value. In this way, the content and the process are strengthening each other optimally.


One of the tools Hospitality Group uses to optimise the customer value and experience is persona-based research. We use a short survey with many visual elements to chart the preferences, wishes and needs of users. And by including these in the design process, our concepts not only tie in with the work that people do, but also with who they are and what makes them feel good. In this way we help organisations to bring out the best in their staff, every day.

Want to learn more?

Do you also want to move to a more intuitive service provision, or do you think that your facility processes can be geared better to your customers or visitors? During a no-obligation introduction we can inform you about the possible benefits for your organisation.

What else do we do for LEF Future Center?

Besides optimising the service design, Hospitality Group supported LEF in recent months with fine-tuning their core values and proposition. We also helped LEF by making the reception area and foyer of the Future Center more in line with the wishes and needs of visitors.

Hospitality Group helped us to pinpoint what exactly ‘doesn’t work’ in our service design. We used to get stuck on this point time and again. Now we have new insights and we are moving ahead again. We are really working together with Hospitality Group on this solution. The strength lies in their approach, which is lean and interactive.Arnold Koning – Quartermaster of LEF Future Center

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