Startup environment for PGGM&Co

Startup environment for PGGM&Co

The membership organisation PGGM&Co operates increasingly as an independent subsidiary of PGGM and is transforming into a completely agile organisation. The realisation of the accommodation is a crucial component in this culture change. Hospitality Group Conducted an exploratory study, supervised the realisation and occupation The basic principle in all this was that the new membership organisation must be cost-efficient, versatile and professional.

Startup culture

If you want people to pioneer, experiment and be enterprising, you must make them feel like (co-)owners of the organisation, and give them the opportunity to exert influence on it. To make the change a success for members, PGGM&Co had to ‘leave home’.


The atmosphere is fabulous already. The environment invites people to create and experiment. It has this new smell and really makes you happy. We have lunch together at the picnic table, which we set ourselves. The intimate conversations help to strengthen the team spirit. In my perception this environment fits perfectly with our agile way of working and the envisaged new startup culture. As such it helps making the change in the new membership organisation successful and sustainable.

Nicole Brunner – Transition Manager at PGGM&Co

Accordingly, PGGM&Co moved into a part of the old PGGM building that was vacant until recently, and took it back into use again in a very basic manner. The water supply, heating and toilets were reconnected, the walls were whitewashed and a fresh-looking grey carpet was laid. The rest was left in its old state as much as possible. The new place has been furnished with second-hand hospital lockers, office chairs, desks and tables for consultations. By pasting simple but fun-looking foils on the tabletops, the second-hand furniture now has an inspiring and playful look.

Modern technology

Then again, the work stations and meeting rooms were provided with modern technology and audiovisual resources. These are needed to support the new working method and for developing the communities where PGGM&Co makes its members connect.

Project data

Project type
Conducted an exploratory study, supervised the realisation and occupation

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