Sustainable interim period at municipality leiden

Sustainable interim period at municipality leiden
Sustainable interim period at municipality leiden


The municipality of Leiden’s sustainability agenda for 2016 – 2020 states that the municipality wants to set a good example in the field of energy transition. Keeping one’s own energy system in order in order to achieve efficient energy management is a crucial step in this process. In this connection David van den Berg consolidated the municipality’s sustainability function by setting up and fulfilling the role of energy coordinator. He set up the information obligation for recognized energy-saving measures for more than 50 buildings, and put in place a dashboard to maintain oversight of more than 1100 connections and improve control of the invoicing process.

Purchasing sustainable energy

In addition, the municipality of Leiden and seven other participating municipalities wanted to take an exemplary role in achieving lower CO2 emissions by purchasing sustainable energy. The eight municipalities consume more than 32 million kWh of electricity and approximately 2.5 million m³ of gas in their public operations, which include real estate, pumping stations, street lighting and traffic systems. Thanks to the large contract volume, the municipalities can make a substantial contribution to their climate ambitions by purchasing sustainably generated energy.

Energy coordinator

David van den Berg took on a leading role in the initiation and realisation phase of this energy challenge. He set up a comprehensive collaboration between the municipalities, managed the steps in the tender process and contracted a party that supplies energy with Dutch wind and green gas. With this contract a reduction of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 (70% of the total) was achieved.

David proudly looks back on a great time: “The best thing about my position as project leader of this tender is that I helped the participating municipalities to realise their sustainability ambitions. Apart from helping to promote sustainable energy generation in the Netherlands, we are also taking a big step towards a CO2-free organisation.

The energy coordinator is a new role within the municipality of Leiden, which is taking on a pioneering and exemplary role in the region. The support offered by Hospitality Group by providing a project leader/energy coordinator has resulted in major steps being taken towards achieving Leiden’s agreed objectives with regard to climate ambitions, and regional municipalities are increasingly experiencing the added value of an energy coordinator. Eus Flapper, Facility Affairs Team Manager, Servicepunt71

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2018 - 2019

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