Sustainable work concept at Radboud University

Sustainable work concept at Radboud University
Sustainable work concept at Radboud University


Radboud Services supports and facilitates education and research at Radboud University. The 1100 employees of Radboud Services aim to provide optimal facilities and a hospitable and inspiring learning, working and living environment. The Covid 19 pandemic has led to an entirely different way of working.

Radboud Services is therefore developing a new vision and work concept for the Berchmanianum, the building where the Executive Office and Radboud Services are housed and which serves as the Academic Building. The vision can also be applied more broadly to other target groups and buildings. A culture transformation programme is also part of the project. Hospitality Group has been helping to develop this since the autumn of 2020.

Sustainability as basic principle 

This new vision has now been translated into a future-proof work concept which takes sustainability as an important starting point. Its aim is to create a healthy working environment that actively contributes to CO2 reduction and circularity.

  • The sustainable work concept is given substance by, among other things, the application of the following topics.
  • Working from home and the use of hubs, i.e. workplaces situated between home and Radboud University. This reduces commuting and the amount of space needed to accommodate employees’ needs.
  • Various functional areas will be set up in the building: Community Spaces, Work Spaces and Dedicated Spaces. Employees can choose the right work environment according to their mood, thus stimulating health and wellbeing.
  • Existing furniture is reused as much as possible. The design applies bio-based materials to a maximum extent.
  • Much use is made of movable and mobile furniture. This makes spaces multifunctional and the built environment as efficient as possible.
  • Smart software will help users to choose the most suitable work solution and the most suitable moment, thus avoiding overcrowding and vacancies.

Both environment and behaviour

Integrating sustainability into a new way of working is a great challenge. Besides the technical aspects of sustainability, a sustainable working environment greatly depends on sustainable behaviour. It is important that employees understand how new functions within the working environment are used best and consciously choose how, where, when and with whom they work. In this way, new working patterns can be tried out together and developed into a way of working that energizes people. In the change process, employees are coached to make conscious choices in the new workplace concept.

Concept delivery

In July 2021, the work concept for the Berchmanianum will be delivered. Subsequently, the concept will be implemented further at Radboud University, so that initial experiences can be gained. In this way, the vision development, implementation and culture change programme provide an excellent basis for making Radboud University and its campus even more sustainable.

Project data

Radboud Services (Radboud Universiteit)
Project size
7000 m2
Oktober 2020 – juni 2021

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