Temporary real estate and housing advisor at sanquin blood supply

Temporary real estate and housing advisor at sanquin blood supply
Temporary real estate and housing advisor at sanquin blood supply

On behalf of the government Sanquin Blood Supply provides blood and blood products for healthcare. The Blood Bank division, the public part of the organisation, is responsible for collecting blood and keeping an up-to-date donor database.

Sanquin’s facility services department supports internal customers with workplace facilities, services, technical systems, real estate, transport and contract management. Starting in January 2019 our interim manager Joran Lise fulfilled the role of Real Estate & Housing Advisor for five months.

Joran was responsible for supervising the maintenance and condition of the fifty Blood Bank sites in the Netherlands. He initiated and coordinated renovation projects and attuned matters with landlords.

In addition, Joran professionalised a number of things, such as drawing up a demarcation plan to describe the routing of problem reports, escalation and problem ownership and an analysis of (financial) figures to benchmark the results of sites.

Joran accomplished a lot in a short time, both with the team and in professionalising operations.

Eric Kahle, Interim Manager for Real Estate and Technical Systems at Sanquin:

‘Right from his first assignment, Joran showed that he is a real interim manager; flexible, enthusiastic and with a lot of knowledge of real estate. Like a chameleon, Joran adapts to the team, without losing his individuality. After a few days he had already mastered the role of real estate manager and won the confidence of the team, so no time was lost on a long induction programme.

Sanquin chose Hospitality Group because they are one of their preferred suppliers. Finding the right candidate and the thorough way of working warranted that this specific part of the assignment was also executed optimally.

When Sanquin hires an interim professional, they want value for money and that is certainly the case in this situation. Also on behalf of the rest of the team that worked with Joran, I dare to say that we miss him already and would certainly recommend him to other potential clients.’

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February – June2019

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