Transition management support at UWV

Transition management support at UWV
Transition management support at UWV



Four years ago UWV contracted out four facility services as a whole in a single integrated services concept. For this purpose the country was split up in two lots, with one supplier operating on each lot. Now, after the experience of an intensive collaboration with the suppliers, UWV wants to continue on this path. With a European tender procedure for Multiservices 2.0 the scope of the service concept has been expanded with four more services.

Transition management

Hospitality Group is supporting UWV and the two suppliers in this transition, by providing an independent transition team consisting of a Programme Manager, a PMS (project management supporter) and a corresponding Quality Assurance role for warranting quality and continuity. We handle this transition using a method we developed ourselves. This method is based on an integrated programme-based approach, a transition at strategic, tactical and operational level, and collaboration between parties working within a track model. The transition results in added value for the primary process of UWV and a good sustainable collaboration between the three parties, with continuous management at tactical-strategic level to achieve the joint ambitions.

Our Young Professional Christel

At the moment our Young Professional Christel is working on this transition as a PMS. In this role she supports the process in all aspects by controlling the process steps and monitoring time and quality. In addition, Christel is developing a toolkit for safeguarding all implemented steps, decisions and resources that are part of our Transitiemanagement© method.

Project data

September 2016 – July 2017

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