Recruitment and selection of project leaders for National Victim Support Foundation

Recruitment and selection of project leaders for National Victim Support Foundation
Recruitment and selection of project leaders for National Victim Support Foundation



Every year Slachtofferhulp Nederland, the Dutch foundation for victim support, helps 200,000 victims and survivors to pick up their lives again after an impactful event. Their services include legal, practical and/or emotional support for victims of crimes, traffic accidents, calamities and people who are left behind when someone goes missing. To this end, Slachtofferhulp collaborates with various other agencies including the police, safety regions, the Municipal Health Service (GGD) and various municipalities.

Nienke Vriesema and her colleague Elise Vermeulen have supported me in a very pleasant way throughout the entire process. The expectations of the position were clearly outlined in advance and they were always available for questions and sparring moments.
Roland van den Berg, Facility and Housing Project Manager at Slachtofferhulp Nederland

Slachtofferhulp aims to centralise their services over the coming years. It will reduce its 80 main offices to 25 and move into a new national head office. But at the other locations they want to remain visible with smaller interview offices. As a result, many relocation projects are planned. Hospitality Group was asked to recruit a project manager for accommodation & facilities who will support the centralisation of the accommodation.

Among the new project leader’s responsibilities will be the implementation of the new housing policy. This will include the execution of projects following from the housing plan and the assessment of the current locations and workplaces.

Thanks to the good match realised by Hospitality Group, I have found a job where I feel completely at home. The work and challenges suit my qualities well and the guidance of Hospitality Group was superFrank Bos, Facility and Housing Project Leader at Slachtofferhulp Nederland

The project leader is responsible for conducting site surveys and for a thorough and accurate property administration, and will act as the point of contact for the coordination and operational progress of various facility-related affairs. In addition, the project leader will also take care of supplier management and contract management with the lessor and suppliers. In view of the large number of projects and the varied experiences required, we advised to complement the team with two project leaders, a senior and a junior. One of the new employees had just completed his Young Professional Programme at Hospitality Group and was looking for a next step. The team is now at full strength and Slachtofferhulp is very pleased with our pro-activity and the quality of the candidates. The client assessed the recruitment process with a 9.

The experts of Hospitality Group unburdened me fantastically in the selection of the right candidates. Thanks to their thorough preliminary work, I could already focus on the right team composition during the selection interview. Moreover, both new employees are exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend Hospitality Group.Edward van der Kruijk, Director of Operations at Slachtofferhulp Nederland

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