The magic of movies

The magic of movies
The magic of movies


We all know what it’s like to see a film that inspires you and energizes you. A film that sticks in your memory and to which you respond. That happened to me when I saw the documentary ‘Constructing Albert’ at the Cinecetta theatre last week.

Constructing Albert

Constructing Albert is a documentary about the chef Albert Adrià. He played one of the leading roles in the creation of restaurant elBulli on the Costa Brava. Together with his world-famous brother, chef Ferran Adrià, he was the driving force behind this restaurant, which became the best in the world. After elBulli closed, chef Albert tried to step out of the shadow of his older brother and find success on his own. The documentary shows how in a few years time he opened five successful restaurants in Barcelona. Hard work, talent, creativity, focus and passion are the ingredients of this documentary. An absolute must-see, which really invigorates your own passion. You can watch a foretaste below.

Film in the work environment

Film, theatre and other art forms are perfectly poised to entertain us and make us think. Research shows that watching films together is beneficial for a relationship and for cooperation. Films evoke emotions and make you experience and share something together. It is therefore interesting to see how film can play a role in the work environment.

More and more often, training courses, team sessions and meetings start with a short film. It allows you to share your vision in a short time, create a certain mindset or, for example, initiate interaction. Documentaries often have an inspiring message that you can learn from. Especially if you discuss them together and share your findings.

Alternatively, you can consider films simply as a form of entertainment and relaxation, which employees can enjoy together or alone. For example, watch a film with your team or compile a favourite film list.

From TEDx room to a real cinema

Watching and searching for TEDx presentations in the TEDx room at ABNAMRO, or just watching your favourite series in the chill room at Pinterest? There are several companies that give film a role in their work concept in one way or another.

G20 in Utrecht has a real cinema on the seventh floor of their office, which they call the ‘De Kijkdoos’ (the show-box). For employees but also for customers. “When we give a presentation to our customers in De Kijkdoos, they are usually completely flabbergasted. When someone visits us, we want it to be a unique experience that people don’t easily forget. (source: Linkedin’s new New York office also has a cinema where employees can watch films or play a game of Fifa.

Getting started

An inspiring work environment is an important element in bringing out the best in people. Watching films (together) can play a role in this. Whether it is for fun, relaxation, teambuilding or to learn from. We are curious to learn what your favourite film and experiences with film are within the work environment. Focus especially on how film can strengthen the DNA of your organisation and the workplace concept.

And don’t forget to go to ‘Constructing Albert’, in the old-fashioned way in a velvet seat of your local film theatre.

Want to know more? Please contact Inge de Bekker or Rick Steinmann.

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