Hospitality Group helps organizations to create attractive and excellently organised environments. We do this by working in multidisciplinary teams. Teams consisting of business analysts, concept developers, project managers, consultants and designers. Teams that challenge each other and help each other improve.  Together we surprise clients with an attractive vision and ditto solutions. Solutions that take the user experience as a starting point.

In every sector we are privileged to work for the most innovative national and international organizations, proven or aspiring industry leaders. Every day our staff members are making a difference in these organizations.  This demands great effort, but you get a lot in return. You build up a fine track record and develop rapidly.

We work from our beautiful club house in Amersfoort. Here we have various workplaces, meeting places and our own HG Café.  This café serves a healthy lunch every day. With our vitality programme we aim to keep employees in optimal physical and mental shape. Your well-being is very important to us.


What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? We are always looking for energetic talents, creative spirits and high performers with a sense of humour. Take a look at our job postings or simply come over to get acquainted. You’re most welcome!