Global FM & RE Summit 2024

March 5th, 2024
Invitation Global FM & RE Summit 2024
Location and program will be announced soon

March 5th, together with Sodexo, CBRE and EDGE, we organized the 3rd edition of the Global RE & FM Summit at Zandkasteel Amsterdam. This year, more than 65 international Real Estate and Facility Management executives came together for great presentations, interactions, discussions and unique experiences around the topic of Social Impact.

We would like to thank all the attendees for their presence and actively engagement. Together, we explored the transformative power of social dynamics in shaping the future of Real Estate and Facility Management at the Global FM & Re Summit 2024.

Attractive international line up

Martijn Roordink, Kay Sargent, Christian Dzieia and Jessica JK Schmidt shared their vision on the Impact of Social from their companies perspective Re:Invent, HOK, adidas and EY. And Ynzo van Zanten, Max van Huut, Mare Santema and our moderator of the day Pauline de Wilde really inspired us with their story.

Some key takeaways of the day

  • People want to belong and be seen as individuals in an organization that resonates with their purpose
  • Buildings grow into an environment with a diverse mix of businesses and multiple housing functions⁠
  • We should talk more about H2H (Human to Human) instead of B2B or B2
  • The more AI, the more important the theme Impact of Social becomes
  • Neurodiversity should have a place in the workplace
  • If you want a job done well, you must first create the right conditions
  • In football the home team is up to 69% more likely to win, so it’s best to create a great office for your workforce
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out on important information, collaborative opportunities or social interactions) can be an effective strategy to stimulate workers to come to the office
  • The plinth is the most important part of building where you can make social impact
  • Buildings have a large, unlocked social potential if the occupancy is extended outside the hours of primary use

We look back on a successful event. Thank you for making Social Impact with us. See you next year!

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