Creating better places our mission is to create attractive and excellently organised environments for working, learning, leisure and care. As a certified B Corp we do this with care for people, the environment and materials. With sustainable and creative solutions for hospitality, facility management, accommodation and procurement. Environments that bring out the best in people, that challenge you, that connect, where you can grow.

Embracing innovation makes organisations more successful because they can better respond to the rapidly changing context. We ensure that our clients are at the forefront of workplace engagement, client-centric and affordable care facilities, inspiring campuses and educational facilities and socially responsible sports, care and cultural facilities.

The human story

Creating better places is what we do every day with around 100 consultants and interim managers working with us. They make the difference. With their own story, unique talents, a shared vision and the same values. All passionate, smart and to the point.

We work in multidisciplinary teams together with our clients. Teams consisting of business analysts, concept developers, project managers, consultants and designers. Teams that challenge each other and make each other better. We are proud that clients rated our services with an 8.5 in 2022!

The human experience is always central to us. Our solutions have the user experience as a starting point. We see our projects as a contribution to bringing out the best in people. If everyone is in a good flow, you can achieve so much more together.

Share & inspire

More than 35 years of experience in our business! Every day, we work nationally and internationally on the coolest and most challenging facility and housing projects. We also do a lot of research and identify trends. By collaborating with graduate students and educational institutions, we accelerate the development of our field.

We share our knowledge in more than ten communities and on various stages and platforms. Recently, our book Strategic sourcing. In it, five colleagues bursting with (international) facility management experience share their knowledge. Let's inspire others!

For a better world

Practice what you preach! As a certified B Corp we believe that if sustainability is your mindset, you will act accordingly as an organisation. We are continuously working on sustainable improvements and increasing our sustainable impact. Since 2016, we have been recording our CSR achievements and goals in a CSR report and we are ISO 9001 certified.

All colleagues can work during working hours for charities such as the Ronald McDonald Children's Fund and Climate Cleanup. We also work with the Jarige Job Foundation and are impact partners of Verspilling is Verrukkelijk. Our employees can work anywhere and make sustainable choices. We drive electric or use public transport, our multifunctional clubhouse has energy label A and we eat a plant-based lunch as much as possible.

On to the world's top

This is Jinte Bos, Lizzy de Greef, Maarten Ter Hofte and Robin Groenewoud. These wheelchair tennis talents have the ambition to win Grandslams and reach the world top. For this, they train extremely hard every day.

Experienced wheelchair tennis player Maikel Scheffers is already helping the talents on the professional circuit as a mentor. The KNLTB helps the talents with a comprehensive development and training programme and guidance.

Hospitality Group and Coppa will be their sponsors in the coming years. We are proud to support these talents and wish them every success!

You're invited

Are you interested in working with us as a client, participating in one of our communities or would you like to work with us? We would like to invite you to our clubhouse NN78 in Amersfoort to get acquainted. In all respects, a nice place where we meet and work together on great projects.

We have several creative spaces, meeting places and our own café. There are also many ways to relax and exercise with us. We work with a community of local entrepreneurs. Come and enjoy a delicious coffee, a healthy lunch and good conversation soon. See you soon!?

Creating better places

Creating better places our mission is to create sustainable, attractive and well-organised environments for working, learning, leisure and care. We do so with care for people, the environment and materials. We sincerely want to contribute to a better world.

Our focus is that we want our projects to make an impact with clients by reducing CO2-eq.-emissions within the working environment and creating a healthy place where every employee is welcome, feels safe and can do their best.

Based on our community idea, we share knowledge and inspiration with clients, our network and the market. By doing so, we hope to inspire others and encourage sustainable behaviour. We sponsor, support and donate to sustainable initiatives and charities and have a special focus on helping organisations with a social purpose.